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Sharpener mainly aims at turning tools, drills, milling cutters, engraving knives, computer engraving machines, engraving milling machines, machining centers, CNC, lettering machines, marking machines, marking machines and other metal equipment grinding.


1。, the design of grinding machine body, change the original loose frame structure for the steel plate closed welded structure。 Greatly increase the strength of the body, increase and extend its service life。

2., the steel plate metal materials after welding of the collective, using full vibration aging treatment process, obviously eliminated, reduced after processing, the whole machine natural deformation degree.

3., the transmission part changes, the original belt drive for rack drive, overcome the uneven walking speed of the placement of it, so that its reliability and stability are guaranteed.

4. to change the grinding machine grinding head swing angle of 30 degrees, swinging swing angle is greater than 90 degrees of the original design, so that the upper and lower parts and replace the grinding wheel more convenient and faster.

5. automatic feeding design is adopted in the process of feeding the grinding head to improve the degree of automation. The utility model effectively saves the manpower and time required for manual feeding, and improves the working degree of the operator.


1, put the knife on the knife table, adjust the tool out amount is about 0。5-1。0cm, the knife at both ends of the amount should be the same, can use top wire fine-tuning。 The magnetic switch is connected with the button of the electromagnetic device, so that the knife is absorbed on the knife platform。 Adjust the position of the grinding wheel and the blade。 If the blade is found to be in contact with the grinding wheel, the handwheel should be rotated to separate it。 operation

2. switch on the power, turn on the power switch, and the machine enters the normal working state.

4, turn the feeding handwheel, so that the blade slowly, evenly speed forward, until the contact with the grinding wheel, adjust the blade and grinding wheel contact tightness, so that the grinding wheel and blade can work well.


Sharpening machines are highly sophisticated mechanical equipment, and regular maintenance will extend their service life.

1, track plate parts should always lubricate。

2, after each grinding, should clean up the machine.

3, grinding wheel, such as rupture and gap phenomenon should be promptly replaced.

Common classification

Model MDD-D automatic sharpener

MDD-D type grinder series is Jiangsu Best CNC Machinery Co. Ltd. in the original A type and B type grinding machine on the basis of a new type grinding machine with multiple functions, high cost developed, the structure of Longmen type and configuration of high strength electromagnetic sucker, a set of grinding and polishing in one, a the machine features a comprehensive, reasonable price, professional grinding all kinds of lath straight blade (such as: all kinds of plastic paper cutter, knife grinder, lathe, planer knives, wood chipper knives, knife shears, and all kinds of blade) is the preferred equipment of small and medium enterprises, woodworking sharpening center, book printing factory, paper mill, wood-based panel industry and other users.

Model MDD-C precision sharpener

MDD-C series precision grinding machine, grinding machine technology is the foundation of the German Jiangsu Best CNC Machinery Co。, Ltd, and developed into the fourth generation of automatic speed control with high efficiency and high precision grinding machine。

The grinding machine adopts the high quality carbon steel, Longmen type structure body processed; grinding transmission of high precision linear guide transmission; the cooling water from the wheel on both sides of uniform cooling, the cooling effect is better; the grinding head movement and wheel speed are imported inverter control, speed adjustable within the specified scope.

The grinding wheel is automatic feeding and sharpening, and the grinding head adopts a sticking type cylinder grinding wheel, which improves the service life of the grinding wheel 1/3, greatly reduces the cost of sharpening, and can move the front and back of the grinding head to be adjustable。

MDD-C series precision sharpener for sharpening the blade to face all kinds of lath (such as: all kinds of plastic paper cutter, knife grinder, lathe, planer knives, wood chipper knives, cutting machine and all kinds of knife blade); printing, paper making, woodworking, plastic leather, man-made board, ideal cutting tool the grinding equipment manufacturing industry.

Model MDD-K CNC sharpener

MDD-K CNC grinding machine series is a knife grinder in the same grade, the highest degree of automation CNC sharpening machine. After completion of the initial program setting, from the beginning of feeding, sharpening, knife, the final retreat, the whole process is all program control, and with memory, storage and dynamic tracking function. SIEMENS electric control adopts the special control system, stable operation and high efficiency, effectively save preparation time, the interface is simple and more, is the best choice for all kinds of large-scale grinding center, printing and packaging, paper pulp, tool manufacturing industry users.

Model MDD-A/B ordinary knife grinder

MDD-A/B type grinder series is Jiangsu Best CNC Machinery Co. Ltd. the first batch of grinding machines, developed has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, and low price. The A type adopts plate type working bench, high applicability, but the operation of grinding machine more time-consuming than the others, B type face grinder, the old cantilever structure, although the operation is simple and convenient, but its structure compared to Longmen type grinding machine stability is insufficient. Two knife grinder because of the low price, simple operation and operation, more suitable for individual printing plant, grinding room and other industries users.

Model MYD-K numerical control circular knife sharpener

MYD-K type CNC circular knife grinder is a special equipment for grinding knives, grinding equipment is the latest development of round blade Jiangsu Best CNC machinery limited company, is currently the most advanced circular knife grinder, its work is characterized by high grinding efficiency, high automation and high precision. Mainly used for grinding cutting machinery, papermaking, fiber industry, paper cutting machine, cutting machine and other machinery used in parallel, bowl, disc, cylinder and other types

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