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Living paper Expo, Chengdu, 2014

POPULARITY:      DATE: 2017/3/28 15:49:37

2014 Chengdu paper exhibition, our latest improved MDD-K type CNC grinding machine and MYD-K type CNC circular knife grinder, using the German advanced assembly technology, the technical level reached the international advanced level.

Two new grinding machine by the majority of the domestic paper manufacturers favor in the exhibition, especially the MDD-K type CNC grinder blade improved process, regardless of the configuration, and even appearance, other companies will win the same industry; during the exhibition, a number of domestic paper companies on-site booking, including Vinda, Huatai Paper other paper and other well-known enterprises, including Jinzhou jinyueliang paper, Yunnan Hanguang paper, Mianyang three Taiwan, Guangxi, Chengdu Longteng paper paper paper, paper and other essence of Luoyang jade during the show and we reached a cooperation; in addition, Villefort, Tralin paper companies have with our company reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

During this exhibition, foreign although not much, but also to achieve a good display effect, which Taiwan Lixiang paper has total and customer of our contract directly, the customer Convertidora Grafiroll C.A South America Venezuela for our new MDD-K type CNC circular knife grinder with ten points of interest, after the end of the show to me our visit and contract at the same time.

This is our first time in the southwestern city of the exhibition, is a key step to enter our Midwest market, we have a very good market response, and also won a lot of orders, thank the city of Chengdu, thanks to the exhibition organizers.

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